Girl Vs. the Obstinate Ass: Rain

When It Rains

I like the rain.  I really do.  Living in LA, I get enough sun and heat. I day dream about places like Scotland and Seattle.

But this week it didn’t just rain.  It poured.  And accomplishing anything, especially being healthy and doing any physical activity went right down the drain.

Monday I had the day off work, but I went in to finish something before the rush of Tuesday’s craziness hit me.  Sometimes I do my daily burn workouts at the office, too. So that was a possibility. Then I got a call from my contractor asking to meet early, so I had to rush home for that.  So Monday was over.

Tuesday.  Work was nuts and then my hand started hurting while I was out at the movies.  Like a small pain.  But then it turned into really awful my-hand-is-frozen-in-pain-sickles pain.  And one of my coworkers was out to take care of her sick kids, adding more work to my plate.

Wednesday.  Work was nuts and my hand only got worse.  Mumbling “ouch” “god” and “shit” whenever you type or hold a pen is not a fun or productive way to get through long days at work.  Then my contractor tells me he needs me to clear my driveway before Saturday.  Yard work and cleaning up that mess in my driveway had been my only source of physical activity before the holidays and sinus infection. But moving bags of pebbles is no picnic with 2 good hands and daylight.  With one hand down and the sun setting HOURS before I get home from work when all my coworkers are actually here, things are looking grim.

Then it started raining.

When it rains it pours.  Literally raining in LA floods the streets and ruins traffic.  I had an idea that I would get home and do some of that yard work. When I got home, exhaustion and depression set in.  I told my contractor the driveway clean up would be impossible.

And I went to bed.

Thursday. The sun came out.  Sure I have tendentious in my right hand, so much to do at work and at home that my head might explode, but it did stop raining and my coworkers made it back to work to take some pressure off the rest of us.  Actually went for a walk in the afternoon, too.  Kind of a miracle after the way this week started.

Girl Vs. the Obstinate Ass

Girl Vs the Most Obstinate Thing in the World

One of my many favorite half-read books is Stephen King’s 11-22-63.  Without giving too much away, the book is about time travel.  And changing things in the past is hard for our characters because “time is obstinate, it is not want to be changed.”

I am sure have all encountered such problems in our lives.  For me the most obstinate thing is my ass.  My butt.  My booty. My glutenous hugeous.

According to the American Heritage dictionary:



  1. a. Stubbornly adhering to an attitude, opinion, or course of action; obdurate.
    b. Characterized by such adherence: an obstinate refusal.
  2. Difficult to manage, control, or treat: an obstinate problem; an obstinate headache.


I’d say my ass is difficult to manage, control and treat.  And it obstinately refuses to get any smaller.

And I’m not saying a big booty is a terrible thing to have.  I like having something going on back there, but I also would like to be a more healthy weight.  Be stronger. Be able to run a little faster and farther.  But my ass, like time, is obstinate.

2015 Problems

I had a very bad issue with my IT band.  It hurt, so I decided to rest for a few months and do pilates a few times a week for a few months before running again.  So far I’ve done pilates 3 times.  Since July.

2016 Vampired

I have a low energy problem now.  Due to iron deficiency, low vitamin D, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.  Basically I feel like I’m being vampired (that’s when a vampire visits you in your sleep and drains you of your blood and makes you crave french fries and chocolate all day).  This is a physical problem, but it is also in some ways just a bad feeling.  Both things can be overcome.  I have decided to overcome this by getting back into my daily walking routine (15 to 30 mins per day of light walking), dancing, and doing Daily Burn pilates.

More Like Weekly Burn

Sat Jan 23
I danced to 1 song and attempted 10 minutes of pilates.  Best workout I’ve had in months!

Sun Jan 31
I danced to one song and COMPLETED my first Daily Burn workout.  It was a pilates stretch class, 10 minutes.  I couldn’t do all the exercises, but very happy about it anyway.

One day this week I danced to a whole song.  Elle King’s “X’s and O’s.”  It was fun, but that was a hard thing to do.  Seriously tired and out of breath afterwards.  It is now my goal to do this every day.  Dance to one song every day.  Seems doable. But in my experience doable does not mean done.  Hence the obstinate.