Girl Vs What Bathroom

What Didn’t Go Wrong

My friends got me through this week. They got me showered, they got me meals, they got my rocks moved out of my driveway and into the backyard.

This must be understood to make the rest of this story bearable.

What Bathroom

Monday morning, I took my last bath in my bathroom. I got up early, took a bath, and went to work. I didn’t take a bath with bubbles and bombs and fancy fragrances. It wasn’t about making a memory. I hated my bathroom. It was moldy and outdated and it had shower doors. Which are gross. The doors, the tracks. Stupid on a bath tub. So I wasn’t there to savor the moment. I had to take a bath because my shower head broke off about a month ago. Not unscrewed, broke off completely. I could have fixed it, but with a full remodel already planned, I lived with it.

I also had my last moments on my toilet. Something you really don’t appreciate until it is gone. But it is gone now. So is my water and my power, turned off for the reno. With no bathroom, water, or entertainment at home, I didnt have much to go home to. Every day this week I worked late or stayed out late so I wouldn’t have to pee when I got home, then I got up early and went to work or starbucks to pee. It worked out, except I am really fucking tired now.

What Happens When You Lose Sleep

When you lose sleep, you also lose your mind. And your purse. In my sleep-deprived vampired state, I set my purse down next to my car and drove away.

I went to work to shower and do my laundry and use the internet. Things I often do at my office.

But you know what I needed to get into my office?

The keycard.

But where is the keycard?

In my purse of course.

Where is my purse?

God only knows.

Brightside: my wallet and phone were not in it. And I suspect my neighbor has my purse and will get it back to me.

But right now, this girl is not winning.


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