Girl Vs. Tidy Purge Plans

The book makes it clear, you need to get rid of things that have served their purpose.

Everything must go before you think about storage.

Storage is a trap, a distraction.  Get rid of the things you are done with first.

Keep the things that spark JOY.  (Please consult the book for this because it is important and I can’t do the concept justice here.)

As for me, quite simply, I gotta throw away a lot of shit.

The book has a specific order.  She says start with clothes, and it makes the most sense for most people, but for me, I think it would be too frustrating because

#1 I routinely go through my clothes and throw things out I don’t like or I don’t need, so starting here wouldn’t have the impact it would for most people

#2 I am not ready to think about a really good way of storing my clothes because the closets in my house need to be “done.” (By like some sort of California Closets situation).

#3 At least I use my fucking clothes.  I’d like to part with something that I don’t use first.

So, my plan was to deviate from her plan and start with something even easier: DVDs

What I throw away: goes to Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

What brings me joy, I keep. It goes into DVD binders from Amazon.

With the exception of up to 10 DVDs that maybe some day I would have someone sign.  Like I’m keeping SPACEBALLS in case I ever meet anyone who was in that movie, because I would ask them to sign it.

Everything else must go.

I planned to do that DVD purge yesterday and today.  This weekend.

So far, this has been my weekend:

Worked out for 15 minutes (first time this year).

Took a shower at my office gym (because my shower head broke off last week).

Worked most of the day (Saturday), then went to see a movie (The Revenant) with friends.

Today, I finally started this blog.

Now I’m going to work for a few hours.

And then I’m going to lunch and to see the move Joy.  With a friend I haven’t seen much since before Christmas.

Considering I worked last weekend, too, I am sensing a pattern.  And not the good one where I go to movies with my friends.

Well, at least the X Files are on tonight.  I can take some solace in that.


Girl Vs. Tidy: Step One

Step One: Vision

First thing in the book is to come up with a vision of how you want to live.

I want to come home to an organized home.  With a lot less stuff in it.  I want to spend my time reading, writing, watching TV, relaxing.  Not simply moving around stuff and feeling overwhelmed.  If I had less stuff and said stuff was organized, I would be able to have a nice space.  Something calming and awesome to come home to, like the houses they do on Fixer Upper.


Only I can picture myself in a room about half that size.

You know, something that is realistic to Los Angeles.

This is important, however, because doing this tidy will allow me to live in a smaller space, spend less time working at work and spend less time going through boxes on Saturday night.  In short, putting my house in order will allow me to live.  Travel, cook, garden, actually make HOME IMPROVEMENTS rather than barely having time for any of it.  You may have your doubts about it being that simple, but I have really thought about it.  I spend a lot of time in process of starting and stopping organizing my home.  And it is quite simple.  That part of my life is over now.  I’m going to get rid of stuff I don’t need, put my house in order, and live.

Girl Vs. Tidy Beginnings

Boiling the Frog


This is just a sliver of the disorganized mess that is my house.

I work a lot at a high stress job that I love, so I let this happen.  Many a night I have come home after 9pm, eaten my dinner in front of the TV and then simply fallen asleep on the couch.  I will get up early and go right back to work.  That sort of “lifestyle” actually has made me happy for many years.  However, my house has slowly gotten worse.  Much like the metaphor of the boiling frog.  When the frog goes into the pot, the water is fine.  Then the burner comes on and slowly but surely the water heats up until your house is full of so much stuff and it’s so disorganized that you want to burn it down and live in a tent in San Diego.  You know… something like that.


I am notoriously good and starting things.  And wishing things were different.  Hoping things will get better.  And taking action (actually) is not the problem per say.  The issue is that I let other things distract me from my goals.  I have a sliding scale of what needs to be done for myself.  Which is usually a good thing.  Work stuff, life events, things my friends are planning… yeah, that stuff HAS to be done at a certain time.  Cleaning out the office, well, it’s just gonna have to wait another weekend.  And so, cleaning and organizing my house has “waited another weekend” for about 6 years.  This may seem stupid to you, and I hope that it does, because this is my life and hopefully yours is more on track.  However, if you can relate to this AT ALL, then you know how hard it is to sort through the same box for 3 weeks, and to buy new pens on Friday only to find a whole fucking box of pens on Saturday night when you are looking for printer paper in your office.

Yeah, it’s not good.

So I heard about this book from a coworker who was getting rid of stuff and organizing her house.

Then I went on vacation and bought this book at the airport. November 2015.


I took pictures of my messy house.


And then started reading the book.

And did nothing until Jan 2016.  I had planned to start throwing things away in December, but work was completely crazy.  And I had to spend all my nights and weekends putting rocks into my yard (see: Girl Vs. Sheet Mulching) And I went on a long holiday for Christmas. When I got back, I had a sinus infection for 2 weeks, and work is now even crazier.

Still, I am beginning.



Girl Vs. Tidy (Disclaimer)


**DISCLAIMER** This blog is meant to serve as a companion to the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  It is NOT a replacement for said book, nor am I claiming any copyright over her material.  The book is amazing, and this blog is to merely recount my personal story using the book.  If you want to understand what I am doing or how to put your own house in order, you should probably buy the book yourself.

Welcome to the Magic that is My Life

Welcome to my blog.  A bit about me: I am a lady who moved to LA from the midwest over 10 years ago.  I am now in my 30’s, and I own my own home.  Everything is pretty great about my life, but living in LA as a single woman isn’t exactly easy.  I have  grand ideas of things I’d like to do, and other things that I absolutely need to do. But whenever I try to do anything… and I do mean seemingly even the simplest of things, some kind of disaster happens.

This blog is dedicated to my attempts at accomplishing things.  You will see the simple become the nearly impossible.  This is the magic of my life.

I hope you will find my misadventures both entertaining and helpful to you in your crazy life.


J. M.

Girl Vs. Sheet Mulching

The on-going saga of removing my lawn at my house and replacing it with rocks began in September 2015.

(This consequently is also the month when I had a window and door company come by my house to measure my kitchen to replace all the windows in there.  I am also getting screen doors.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a screen door that closed?

I tried replacing the hardware on my screen door years ago.  It’s just a few screws.

I screwed the hardware on so tight, the plastic hardware cracked apart.

I have not made another attempt since.

This is the magic of my life)

Anyways, in my YARD, I had my awesome tree trimmers take care of the trees, and then they cut down all the lawn.

With the drought, of course the wind picked up, so I personally created the dust bowl in my once nice neighborhood.